Any Suggestions For Good Horror/thriller Movies?

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TheOneRaven | 10:46 Wed 19th Jun 2019 | Media & TV
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I especially love a good found footage movie or mockumentary! Let me know if you have any suggestions thank you!


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Depends on what you mean by good.. Good as in you like a good scare.. then I would suggest "The Cloverfield Series" especially the second in the series, "Cloverfield Lane" and I would also recommend "Rec" in either Spanish or English, it is still a good found footage scare movie.
If you like your horror a bit more gory, then I dont think you can go wrong with "Cannibal Holocaust", one of the best found footage movies in my opinion. The gore is good and the story-line not bad and it is quite shocking to watch. I would also recommend "Oldboy" preferably in the original Korean but the American remake is OK. It has got a good twist at the end and it keeps you guessing.
Cloverfield ... Blair Witch...
The Shrine
The Conjuring
Evil dead - Army of darkness (Hilariously fun and not as dark as Evil dead 1&2)
Alien is very good
as is Jaws
if you want mockumentary, I guess What we do in the Shadows, though I haven't seen the TV series.
I was just about to suggest What We Do In te Shadows as well, great film
If you want a great mockumentary then I would recommend "Man bites Dog".
"The Comic Strip Presents..." Bad News Tour (TV Episode 1983)

From Wiki: Bad News are a fictional English heavy metal band, created for the Channel 4 television series The Comic Strip Presents.... Its members were Vim Fuego (aka Alan Metcalfe), vocals and lead guitar (played by Ade Edmondson); Den Dennis, rhythm guitar (Nigel Planer); Colin Grigson, bass (Rik Mayall); and Spider "Eight-Legs" Webb, drums (Peter Richardson)

Arkside... It will never be as good as This is Spinal Tap..
I wonder where they ripped the idea from...
try " Wolf Creek""
Family fun about your average Aussie.

I like wolf creek, not knowing anything about it when I first watched it.
The Blair witch project

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Any Suggestions For Good Horror/thriller Movies?

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