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horseshoes | 21:03 Mon 17th Jun 2019 | Media & TV
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Yes OK I know its not real..... but PLEASE can someone tell me how Gary went from being in Manchester city centre to just bobbing up in a forest...... and not just him, but the loan shark too.

I'm losing track of it!


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Sarah had snuck off to a hotel with Adam Barlow but because she wasn't answering Gary's phone calls he assumed the loan shark had kidnapped her so he agreed to meet him. Bethany lent him her car. Well, something like that, anyway !!
Gary hits the loan shark on the head with a boulder
and accidentally kills him
and then goes on the run and out of the series
I was more confused withnthe fact that Bethany has passed her driving test and has a car all without us knowing, never seen her drive it, she wouldn't need to anyway as she never leaves the street.
I thought the same about Bethany having a car and never seen her do a driving lesson at all or mention it
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Yes I commented on the car too. I obviously missed Gary arranging to meet the loan shark. I'm sure I read either Sarah or Bethany was leaving. Thanks everyone.
'Bethany' is leaving
Yes, I also wondered about Bethany and the car. How did she afford it and why would she even need it?
Ive watched Corrie for years but now even I despair at the daft storylines. I mean, Gemma and quads!!
The story line involving Ken and the new neighbours is also farcical.
Completely agree. It’s all just got really really stupid.
No way would it have been so easy to make a hole in the wall with next door, at least I hope not, I live in a terraced house !

I agree about Bethany and the car as well and where do they all keep their cars, the street is usually car free !

I still like it though ..

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