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DeeLicious | 13:58 Sun 16th Jun 2019 | Media & TV
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In recent years, id press reports are to be believed, he's fallen out with Fern Britton and Amanda Holden....and now possibly Holly Willoughby. Anyone here still like Schofe, cos if not maybe it's time he was put out to pasture?


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I am sick of seeing the white haired old f@rt.
I read in a newspaper last week that the three things Amanda Holden did not want in her home were flies , spiders and P.S.
//Anyone here still like Schofe//

Never liked him in the first place!

Ubiquitous to say the least and too slick for my liking.
Be honest, everyone - when you saw this in the Recent posts list and clicked it, were you secretly hoping for a totally different post...? :-)
Agree AG. But then I don't like Britton, Holden Willoughby either;-)
Agreed LB.

Familiarity breeds contempt. Holden I can't stand.
Yep, she's the worst.
Actually I don't watch any of them so I don't now how I now this. I just do.
Do we still believe anything we read in the press?
Don't know how you all can get so emotional over a celeb that you don't know.
^^ That's the vicarious cult of celebrity for you!
I haven’t liked him since I saw him in a West End show about 15 or so years ago. It was a matinee and he didn’t make the slightest effort for it. The whole cast just came on stage and said their lines with no oomph. Very disappointing.
This is another puff piece based on re-hashed nonsense, and rumours.

I wouldn't believe anything the tabloid press said a famous person had said, unless that famous person told me face to face.

I have talked to enough famous people about the guff the tabloids write to know how utterly false almost all of it is.

I interviews Hall and Oates back in the 1980's and we discussed Daryl's new relationship with Christie Brinkley, who had just split from husband Billy Joel, and was now an item with Daryl, as advised by The Express, and a number of other tabloids.

Just one flaw in the relationship - the two have never even met!

H & O had been on tour in Australia and New Zealand, so as Daryl confirmed, not only had he not been in the same room as Ms Brinkley for the last five months, he had not been in the same hemisphere!

Daryl then introduced me to the lady next to him, who had sat listening to this with a patient expresson on her face. This was Sara, Daryl's live-in girlfriend of twelve years who had been on tour with him, and would probably have noticed a high-profile romance with a famous model.

Daryl finished the tale by advising that the Express had contacted his press agent for confirmation of the story, and had been advised categorically that it was not true - but they printed it anyway.

I doubt whether Philip Schofield has fallen out with Holly Willoughby, and I certainly would not take the word of a newspaper for it.
I don't care whether it's true or not all I'm saying is I don't like any of them.
I have no interest in the off screen lives of Schofield/Holden/Willoughby etc.

Like Ladybirder, I am basing an opinion based on what I see on screen.

Workmates have spats, that can't be news to anyone.
You mean your life is not enriched Mamya by learning about these oh so important people? Shock horror!
Have to agree with LB - I honestly don’t like any of them. How they get paid so much is beyond me!
Fabricated trashy attempt at third rate juvenile journalism. Move along, nothing to see here.
I don't watch daytime television but I've seen him on other things and he seems to do a good job. Arguments between him and his colleagues are neither here nor there to me. Who cares?

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