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dannyk13 | 13:06 Fri 14th Jun 2019 | Media & TV
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Just been on radio that Paul Sinha(The Chase) has announced that he has Parkinson's Dosease.


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That's really sad. I do like him on The Chase, no idea about his comedy, not seen it, but he comes over as a decent guy.
that's sad -
Most unfortunate for him :-(
My favourite 'Chaser'. How sad.
Very young to be inflicted with this. So sad. I do like him...
Oh no, that is sad news. I like Paul, he has a good attitude and spirit on the programme.
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He has vowed to carry on.
Very sad news for a relatively young man. My favourite Chaser as well Lankeela
Oh what sad news poor man. Im so sorry to hear this.
Terrible news -- I understand it's still an incurable condition, although maybe there is plenty of life left in the Chaser yet.
I like this quote

A lot of people have asked, 'What can I do to help?' The answer is to treat me exactly the same as before.

He’s my favourite Chaser.
Listened to an interesting article on bbc r4 today. Terrible condition and NHS need more funding to diagnose it quicker.
He’s such a lovely man. I really wish him all the very best.
He is not at all too young, as the average age for the onset of Parkinson's Disease is around 50 years of age and he is 49 years old.
Mohammad Ali was 42 years old and the actor fellow Michael Fox was 37 years old when they developed the disease.
People think of it as an ageing isn't.
The wife's uncle eventually succumbed in his 80s so there's a fair chance there'll be a few more chases.

Do calm down.

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