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lankeela | 17:56 Wed 12th Jun 2019 | Media & TV
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Anyone else noticed how often the black and white horse appears around the streets of Emmerdale?


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I don't watch the programme but perhaps the scriptwriters are hinting at a future story line?

For example, in The Archers there were an extraordinary number of references to the steering fault on the Ferguson tractor over a period of weeks, telegraphing the information to listeners that something nasty was about to happen. Then, surprise, surprise, John Archer was killed while driving it.

So perhaps that piebald horse is going to bolt across the road, causing a fatal car accident, or perhaps one of the principal characters will end up in a coma after being thrown while riding it?

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Maybe but I think its just there for the 'rural' aspect. If you haven't noticed it then I am sure you will now!
I've seen the 2 horses and riders at regular intervals go by, I now always make a comment (sad isn't it?), seems to be since Kym opened her stables.
Anybody else think that Kim's son is a bit of a wimp.
Yes, I noticed that horse, but I'm waiting for the first game of cricket - on the unmown, sloping field in front of the pavilion so often visited by characters for illicit trysts.

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