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ludwig | 12:09 Wed 12th Jun 2019 | Media & TV
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What on earth was she thinking? I mean he's no longer the Culture Secretary, so it can't be explained as an inadvertent Spoonerism.


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If it was accidentally on purpose, I wonder if it’s because of Hunt’s extremely unpopular stint as Health Secretary. VD (unfortunate initials!) will have got to know many disgruntled NHS workers during her much publicised battle with breast cancer, so maybe she did it for them
I do believe people are now so fearful of saying the c word re mr. Hunt , they develop Tourette’s Syndrome .
a spoonerism would have been Heremy Junt! I think what this is, is a Freudian slip!
...or a foxes pass as someone once told me!
In her confusion, Ms Derbyshire promptly blamed 'men' - as though a slip up like this is gender-specific.

Seems a common slip.
aah we havent had cupid stunt from Kenny Everett
searches anxiously to make sure it is the wight ray round

I heard the excuse me - but I dont listen to her with that sort of attention

[Shades of eight year olds - wivva teacher shouting what have I just said, pedant !
PP for it was me, aged 8 - "words of one syllable have -ium in the genitive plural and those longer have a shorter - um, sir" .....] - so I did think what has she (VD) just said, and then carried on with the knitting/crossword etc
I did email the Beeb about the hacks pointing the finger at politicians taking drugs in the nineties

whilst in the studio half the staff were off their heads with crack and didnt know if it were Victorian Derbyshire, Devnshire or Dorsetshire but no one minded - altho it probably wasnt Jerry Kyle because there was no shouting
careful, talbot raised this from twitter & it was deleted
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// a spoonerism would have been Heremy Junt! //

I was referring to the time when another presenter was going to say Jeremy C.. the Hulture secretary, but never got that far.

I can only think this was in the back of her mind as she was talking, and the fear of doing it actually made her do it.
Ludwig - // I can only think this was in the back of her mind as she was talking, and the fear of doing it actually made her do it. //

I think that's probably so.

Like scenario where as a child it's drilled into you that when Mrs Johnson comes round, you must NOT mention her massive nose.

So, having spent an hour staring at the said proboscis like a cobra sizing up a mongoose, you blurt out "Mrs Johnson, do you take sugar with your nose? Aaaarrrggghhhhh"

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