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bobbie22 | 17:52 Tue 11th Jun 2019 | Media & TV
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I watch lots of quizzes on TV, and it always amuses me when a question is asked, and they reply that that particular subject was not their strong point. Sometimes it seems that they just don't have a strong point, because they don't answer many questions.

Why do these people go on quizzes?


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Pass ;-)
To get their 15 minutes of fame?
Question Author
Lol mama
I have said the same thing ! Another one is " an educated guess " should be a "wild guess "
Or else they said "It was before my time" when asked about someone like Oliver Cromwell!
Maybe they’re relying on other team members if that’s the format of the quiz show to win money. How many take the lowest offer or even minus amounts to get back. The Chase for example.
I agree. Money, a little bit of fame. A nice day out.
I hate the way the contestants clap themselves on Pointless.

I also think it's ridiculous when someone says "That was a bit before my time". My response to that would be that WW2 was way before my time, but I still know who Adolf Hitler was!

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Contestants On Quizzes

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