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Rev. Green | 09:26 Tue 11th Jun 2019 | Media & TV
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Is anyone else irritated by not knowing in The Planets series which scenes are real and which are computer-generated. It would be easy to include an on-screen symbol to tell us which. Wildlife and sports programmes could also have symbols to show when the action was slowed or speeded.


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use your loaf, it's obvious.
I disagree. Computer generated images have got to such a level it's not always clear if they're real and superimposed or just computer generated.

A small symbol would do no harm.
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Wow! A lightning attack from the three tigers. If it is obvious to you, you have a much better brain than I.
I don't find it necessary but I understand that some do. My friend really thought that computer generated pictures of black holes were real.
You mean that they don't have cameras in the Large Hadron Collider ?
Don't really need them myself. If they do add extra symbols then they should also add an 'opt out' as well
just look at the pictures and listen, how could they have been acquired? also the commentary says things like "3.5bn years ago ....."
For example, it would be a very tiny, translucent computer or camera, in the top left corner.

I don't think there would be a need to 'opt out' as it would be so faint and subtle.
the Hubble Space Telescope can capture some amazing things.
Rev.'re forgetting that 3T is a member of MENSA, supposedly.
If you don't know there's nothing wrong in saying you don't know. Symbols would help some people to understand, so where's the harm?
Some of the 'static' on our old TV's was 13b+? years old, ttt.

I like the OP's idea. A few weeks ago,some people were given the impression that sea-lions flip-flopped up an 80ft? sheer cliff face by that old fraud Attenborough.
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This question arose when a friend noticed that some scenes in the first episode of The Planets had been filmed in the desert on Lanzarote - I had assumed they were computer-generated.
But I think the scheme is impractical. Too many symbols would be needed to cover all circumstances e.g. is a film of an actor playing Elizabeth I real?
Even speed can't be easily shown. When Hermione turns back the clock, she and Harry act in real time (X1) in the foreground, while the background recedes (X-500, say).
Are you actually serious? you think there'd need to be something telling people that film of QE1 isn't real?

Actually, thinking about the great british public, you're probably right!
For the benefit of the visually impaired a small cymbal might be used too.
cymbals might be best for the aurally impaired like me, douglas. But yes, there's been debate over the years about how and where footage on nature programmes is obtained: distrust probably goes back to those Disney ones of the 1950s that completely invented the lemming myth. I'd have no objection to proper identification.
They put a caption up saying what has been taken when a real image is shown.

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