What A Stupid Storyline For Corrie.

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Caran | 19:40 Sat 01st Jun 2019 | Media & TV
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Gemma is pregnant with Chesneys baby. The powers that be have decided she is having quads! She isn't fit to be a mother of one let alone four!


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I think this describes quite a few of the recent story lines.
Par for the course on Corrie at the moment.
Definitely ridiculous as are some of the other stories on there ATM. I am a fan of Corrie but have to admit the 'old' days were better, more northern humour and a lot of believable episodes. Shame modern writing has taken over but then I guess they are trying to appeal to the younger generation. I wonder what the audience viewing figures now compared a few years back....
“The powers that be have decided she’s having quads”

That does sound radical.
I would hazard a guess that she doesn't go full term.
And yet Corrie won five awards last night ! So, still popular.
Speaking of awards how on earth did Gail get an award for mumbling at a window?,
No idea.
Elsie Tanner, Ena Sharples (with Martha and Minnie), Mr Swindley, the Ogdens (with her "muriel") - those were the days.
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I have watched Corrie since it began. I reckon I have only missed about 5 episodes in all that time. I even record it when we go away. Imagine the bliss of having a months worth to watch!
But having said that, it is not a patch on the old days.
There are so many ridiculous story lines, that nearly every episode has something in that makes me go "oh no not again"
Imagine trying to find four babies that have to look alike!
It's not real, is it? And I thought it was all made up!

// Imagine trying to find four babies that have to look alike! //

Who said they have to look alike?
They might have four different Dads ;o)
They only have to look as alike as any other brothers and sisters.

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What A Stupid Storyline For Corrie.

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