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tiggerblue10 | 14:50 Wed 22nd May 2019 | Media & TV
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Can't see any posts on the finale so posting this.

What did you think? Do you think the the producers/writers rushed to end it and it could have been eeked out a bit more? This is the general consensus on social media.

I thought it was fantastic and all the cast and crew did an amazing job :o)


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Pacing of the last two seasons felt off. I dare say that the ending probably works with a little more time.
People on social media.. as well as in my office(!) are up in arms over the final season and the finale but I dont see their issue with it. I think the final season has been really good. They have tied the story lines up nicely and given the characters some good deaths especially Theon (I thought that was so good him being killed as he protected Bran, an honorable death). I think it was fitting that Jamie and Cersei died in each others arms even though it was a more gentle death than she deserved.
Daenerys was never going to be able to take the Iron Throne once Jon's real claim was known but he didnt want it. To be killed by the man she loved was a nice way to end that as well. At onepoint I though that Arys would kill her but Jon doing it makes more sense. I think Sanza would have been a good choice but she has always been happier in the North and the North trusts her to lead them so her being Queen of the North is a good fit. Bran taking the throne as the 3-eyed raven means that his journey to get there makes sense. People just need to look at the final season and the finale along with the other episodes and view the program and the characters journeys as a complete picture. The finale made perfect sense and it was a fantastic way to end it.
I was very disappointed with the simplistic last series - it was much better structured in the earlier series so they obviously got the infinite monkeys out for the last one. I did sign and share the petition which has over a million signatures worldwide so I guess i`m not alone in my views.
not sure what all the moaners are on about or what they expected. In my opinion it was well done and the ending was excellent. I was a bit worried after last weeks episode but the finale made sense of that and i can see it was necessary to set up then ending. Some of the ending and indeed the whole last series was set up in earlier series, eg Brianne filling the book.
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Yes, I agree, it tied up a lot of ends and Bran was the obvious choice at the end being that he knew how everything would turn out. From Jon knowing nothing to Bran know everything.

I thought it was also wonderful how they depicted Sansa as a queen in her own right. Kind of like Elizabeth I with her long red hair.

"When the snow falls and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives".
Ghost was petted, so that makes everything OK.

Final episode was highly satisfactory imo.

The Great Battle was a huge disappointment.
I personally HATED it. I thought it was slow and sloppy and predictable and the Walt Disney ending where all of the House Warlords ( because that is what they are) got together in a tent and had a nice little chat and all agreed and decided that Bran should be King was so twee and naff I was bouncing off the walls speechless. Couple that with him cheerily chucking Jon Snow under a bus, Greyworm not rampaging through Westeros with the Dothraki and Unsullied when he could so easily have, Arya deciding to be Christopher columbus all of a sudden and that really contrived 'light relief' dialogue at the small council and I was beyond disappointed, I was heartbrokenly gutted. Redeeming features as ever, costume, set design, SFX and poor, poor Drogon- awesome. I also liked that Sansa is being set up to be something worthwhile if there's ever a sequel they can afford her for and I liked the tender and decent glimpse into Brienne's character when she was completing Jaimie's page.
On the other hand Mr Cal thought it was absolutely awesome and was ooohing and ahhing and cheering like a five year old all through it, so it might just be me, but I thought the lame and sloppy writing killed it stone dead.
I can understand your pov, Cal.

However, (you knew there would be lol !) Arya has mentioned a few times in the past about ''what is west of Westeros''
I sure as eggs is eggs couldn't tell you which episode nor which season tho :-D x
No I know Alba but I was just irked because I love that show and I genuinely didn't care who was King or even who died, I was just irritated by the way they got there.
And you're right, as sure as eggs is eggs there will be a Arya spinoff as well :) x
The younger alba and I are both hoping there will be a good few series of Arya's adventures.
She's the only character which would make sense to have a spin-off about. Well, we think so anyway but no doubt it won't be followed up or even dismissed as 'they' seem hell-bent on the prequel.
I think there are a few spinoffs being discussed, certainly the prequel has got real legs and is casting, but there are rumours about all sorts of things and my money is on an Arya spinoff because she's has a very specific look and association and I think she'll struggle to endure in other things more than say Sophie Turner who could be cast in nearly anything, thus I think they might be able to option her pretty successfully. Fingers crossed x
Sophie Turner is in Dark Phoenix (at least I think that's the title), have a feeling it airs somewhere next month.

However, we, the audience, are forever at the mercy of them-with-money, who sometimes have no taste and will cancel a decent series after only 2 seasons !!
I'm really hoping my DVD-buying neighbour is going to get the box set & then I can start watching it.

I'm not holding my breath though.

No, I haven't read the posts above & elsewhere, cos there's a chance he'll fork out. There has to be a chance. Now, *that* would be a binge-watch.

[Spoiler Alert]
I was very pleased with the last season, and the last episode.
6 feature length episodes was an odd format, but worked well, particularly with the night battle and the destruction of King’s Landing.
The only part I thought was rushed was Dany’s pivot into evil dictator in just one episode. That should have developed over several episodes. As it was, she just flipped and lost everything which didn’t ring true for the character.
Peter Dinklage’s acting was superb, especially in the last episode. The production it Belfast was a showcase of British talent and something we can all be proud of.
George R R Martin has pitched 5 spin offs.
One has been commissioned and is a prequel with no existing characters, and is set 5,000 years in the past. Filming has already begun on that, and should be on telly next year.
Two other spin offs are under further development, and are highly likely to be commissioned.
One has been rejected (for now) and the fate of the other is not decided yet.
I suppose the think about Dany's storyline is that it almost had to happen fast or it would have made very little sense for her advisers to still support her, and John "yur Mah queen" Snow would probably have got around to stabbing her sooner, if she'd had three episodes of madness. Maybe on reflection it's not even that rapid a turnaround: she's always had a ruthless streak, but it was easier to ignore because the victims were more deserving of their fates.

Still, I have found season 8 a bit of a letdown. Haven't even seen the last episode yet. Maybe that's at least partly because I was really hoping for a different ending.
I thought the ending rather lame, where the lords all gather and dictate, that John Snow can live, etc. The unsullied were in a position of power but relinquish it meekly. As for the queen, I knew she’d cop it after going evil.
gromit: "The only part I thought was rushed was Dany’s pivot into evil dictator in just one episode." - TBF that's been bubbling since Robert B tried to have her bumped off, way back, then there were the incidents at Mareen etc, but the final straw was when the mountain chopped off her best buddies head in the proceeding episode. Great study in despotism, do they all think they are being benevolent? Helping others by imposing on them what they really need, peace, order and prosperity but under the whim of an all powerful ruler.
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If you look at Caligula, he started off his Emperorship reasonably well until someone allegedly tried to poison him. Then he turned into a tyrant, so history does play a part in the depiction of fictional characters.
Just because people didn't like the ending would they ask any author to change his books. It is their stories and how they wrote them. I thought it was superb and finished with a proper ending and not some stupid cliffhanger.

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