Not Meant To Be Racist In Any Way Shape Or Form

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lankeela | 14:52 Tue 07th May 2019 | Media & TV
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but I find a lot of the actors and actresses who are Asian or (not sure how to describe them as other than 'black') seem to overact and use their hands a lot and as for Mrs Tembe coming into Corrie well I hope she is not as effected as her character in Doctors. I am thinking of the Sharma family, Yasmine in Corrie, Kim and Patrick in Eastenders.


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The only soap I watch is Corrie and I can honestly say that I have never noticed this amongst the Asian actors/actresses.
I speak with my hands and I'm white/Irish.
I don’t watch * soaps* , that’s why I pop into AB .
By definition your comment is racist.
Separating anyone by race, is literally racist. I'm not sure white actors never do it.
I don't think it's intentionally racist. To me it's like pointing out that the Japanese or Thai people bow their heads in greetings. It's more like not paying attention to white people.

I'm watching Sunday Brunch. There's Scottish, black, white, gay....and most of them are using their hands when they speak.
Not everything racist or sexist is wrong... sometimes things are just factual. I am sure this wasn't meant in a bad way.
It's not racist in a disparaging way though, not intended to demean, hurt or offend, just observational, that a certain race of people are culturally more likely to behave in a certain way. Indians can be wonderfully expressive when they speak and have unique gestures and turns of phrase, so I'm assuming that Lankeela is referring to this. If you watch Bollywood film, facial expression, hand movements etc can be very exagerrated, I don't think it's racist to be aware of that.
That being said many white people are 'gesturers' too so depends to what she's referring.
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Just an observation on their ability as actors nothing to do with their origins other than it seems to me as though many do overact. Yes some white/British/Caucasian call them what you like do it as well but it stands out to me.
Well, even if they still do overact a tad...they have come a long was since Ali Nadim used to grace our screen.
It's just different upbringings. My Polish neighbour laughs a lot, I don't know if it's a nervous laugh or if he's just happy, but he brings us beer when we take packages in for him.

Our English neighbours the other side just say hello, thankyou.

I think it's about the person and what you're taught/grown up with.

The central point of your observation was based upon racial origin. That is 'about their origins'. How can you not see that?
There was an English man, and Irish Man, and a Scots man sitting in a...Oh, never mind: Can't tell that one as it's too sexist or even misogynist...There are no women involved.
I don't watch soaps but it’s a sad indictment of the mentality of some in this world when an accurate description of people can’t be given without a speaker feeling obliged to apologise first for perceived racism.
By the way, naomi24, why are you always holding a white pie? Don't you have any different colours?
Could be the outcome of tokenism and positive discrimination.
Don't watch soaps, so I don't know if the bame or the white actors aren't much good.
I know the bame comics the aBBC promotes are particularly unfunny.
Although saying that, the white ones are as funny as toothache.
As lankeela says....just an observation. For anyone to read the OP as racist is both sad and very worrying.....and odd.
So many measured responses where, without the 'not meant to be racist' softener the same calm and casual commenters would be piling over the hill with 'So it's because of their skin colour, is that what you mean?'.

If a certain other regular poster had and indeed has begun posts in a similar way he's piled upon by the great and the good with the end result being insult and chaos.

Where one leads the rest follow.

Just an opinion mind, no offence.

Damn! Should have put that bit at the start. Never mind, I'm sure it'll be fine as everybody's being very reasonable and understanding.
All I can say is that Masood's niece in EE with the long hair and nails, is a dreadful actress.

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Not Meant To Be Racist In Any Way Shape Or Form

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