Favourite Gogglebox Team?

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bednobs | 21:17 Fri 03rd May 2019 | Media & TV
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i think the siddiquis are my faves, followed by lee and jenny


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Giles and Mary.

Why on Earth would you want to watch a programme about people watching programmes? ridiculous imho.
Question Author
if you dont have a favourite gogglebox team why bother answering a question that ask for your favourite gogglebox team? Jut to tell me off about my choice of TV program?

Not telling you off, simply asked a question, no need to be offensive.
Giles and Mary...
I used to think that. However I have watched it and it saves me watching whole programme's. The reactions are hilarious. It's a relaxing programme and helps unwinding. I love all the people and how they come across.
Question Author
"no need to be offensive"
i perfectly agree!

Mrs B watches it, I go next door to the kitchen to watch what I want to see.
Agree with Siddiqui family and Jenny & Lee...would add Malone family.

Personally I have never heard of it. Am I really missing something?
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which ones are the malones? (im a fairly new watcher)
Jenny and Lee for me, she was the Landlady at our local pub. She was great with Mr F when he went in for his midday pint.
My name is Talbot and I love Gogglebox...there, I said it.

Malone's are the ones with the rottweiler called Dave.

I'm tired on one red wine (quite a bit of it)
Tremaine, Twaine and Tristan
Mary and Marina
The Siddiquis
Giles and Mary
Jenny and Lee
Question Author
i wish the dad wouldnt swear so much
I like the Siddiquis too, the dad has got a lovely, dry sense of humour. I like all the old ones, just waiting for the new ones to grow on me.
Remember Leon and June?
Question Author
you dont see that foul mouthed girl anymore

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