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chessington | 11:08 Mon 22nd Apr 2019 | Media & TV
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Anyone else watch this new drama from last week? and what do you think so far, im going to try another episode, hubby is not impressed


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I found it quite amusing.
I've taped it, but to be honest, I'm not expecting much. I'll give it a couple of episodes and then see what I think.'s easy watching. No concentrating needed.
That'll suit me then ;)
Slightly amusing comedy, worth watching.
I wouldn't describe it as a drama....Radio Times has it as a "likeable sitcom". I liked it, but was watching it as a comedy.
I watched it today on bbc iplayer. Not a drama definitely a sit com.
I liked it.
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ok yes sit com, easy watching
Me and hubby watched with Daughter who is 12... she loved it. We all laughed a quite a bit. Something fun to watch.
I've watched it twice now. I think it's brilliant. The caveman is my favourite.

My OH can speak just like him and keeps saying g'dum g'dum :-)
They're here.
They are everywhere. Just make sure the lepers stay in the cellar...
I enjoy it ,love the poet x
That everyone hates!! And Lady Button throwing herself out the window. It's very amusing and lighthearted. All the characters are good.
Wow I'll have to watch it.... I'm stil playing catch-up on Supernatural. Its not that Derik fella or evette is it?
Oh gosh, no, it's a comedy.

A lady inherited a house that is full of ghosts. She gets a bang on the head and starts seeing and hearing them.

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