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thesshhh | 22:13 Sun 21st Apr 2019 | Media & TV
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That was quite some ending!


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Will look, Chill....but red herring sounds more than possible.... :-)
If he had spelt it correctly, would Lisa and the UC not have noticed? As has been said, EVERYTHING points to Ted Hastings being the baddie. Which, as well know, is absolute nonsense. The man's as straight as a spirit level.
Certainly didn't expect that ending and it's a shame, really, as there will now be two whole episodes without the superb acting skills of Stephen Graham.
The 'well' should read 'we all'.
Yes of course it was. Definitely:-) Thank you Chill and Fox.
Now I remember.
I don't want it to be him, there's got to be more to it. Two more episodes to go Yay!
I also picked up on the spelling mistake, but did he do it deliberately?


Also the only person who Arnott passed the meeting details to was Hastings. Corbet said if there was a no show then he would know who the mole was, but was that a ploy so he could escape? Questions! Questions!
If Hastings had been briefed properly, he would have known that the 'Mr Big' giving instructions via the laptop had spelled the word wrongly, and was copying the mistake so that the gang would believe the messages to be genuine.
Oh dear. I noticed the spelling mistake but it never dawned that it could be part of the plot! I just thought it was a wrong spelling that hadn't been noticed by anybody. But its my first time watching line of duty.

love it! love it! love it!
Yes, the spelling, we were almost waiting for that to come up! As far as the ending, I almost choked on my Easter egg.
If it's not Hastings, whose names are in the frame? I didn't watch the earlier series but might it not be someone from an earlier series? Has anyone considered the possibility that it's a woman, the assumption seems to be that it's a man?
I'm knitting a little jumper for a baby.....I became so engrossed last night that that I knitted ten inches instead of ten centimetres. So if anyone knows a very tall, skinny baby....... :-(
also, h doesnt have to mean someone whose surname starts with h
Isn't a very smart alias if the real identity of 'H' is someone whose surname begins with the letter. Bit below Mercurio's high standards if that were to be the case. Bit like calling Corbyn 'Agent Cob' :-///
// commonly mid-spelt word......//

that would be a mis spelling in the miggle of the word

(miggle is northern dialect for middle as in - hey diggle diggle dares a hole in the miggle ! polo mints - I know there may be .... other meanings)
In tinker tailor soldier spy
( the one with prime minister urqujart in it)
one critic cruelly suggested there should be shots of the back of a pin stripe suit dropping a hankie with GM sewn onto it onto the floor as he walked out of camera ( Gerald the Mole)
I'm only watching to find out

a. What's wrong with the toilet in his room and
b. Where does he, errrrr, go? :-)

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