Britain's Got No Talent

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DeeLicious | 21:03 Sat 20th Apr 2019 | Media & TV
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That was the worst episode of any TV talent show I have ever seen. You? How the heck did those acts get on the telly, let alone through to the next round? OMG, truly awful


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OK Dee not really been watching it, been on in the background, but think it was better than last weeks offering?
Unbelievably bad. That bloke murdering Somewhere Over The Rainbow and the fat kid at the end, to name but two, showed no talent I could see
I don’t watch it, but isn’t part of the appeal of these lame acts just how bad they are?

Competent singers are 10 a penny. Not much to talk about or see. You need the duff ones now and then.
Brian Gilligan was great, hope this helps him move forwards.
There must be a word for people who continue to watch a TV show that they heartily dislike.....telemasochist, perhaps.
Well, I enjoyed it. Personally I didnt understand why the lad got the golden buzzer but thats just a matter of taste. Imuch preferred the last act myself. Anyone else agree?
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the porkies those judges come out false hope to no-hopers.... As with Strictly in recent series, the judges get way too much attention
I didn't see it all GM, caught a bit towards the end.
A bit surprised that thread said 'was' it hadn't finished here.

There's always a mixed bag near the beginning of the series.
It think it was very good when it first started, and for a further 2/3 yrs, but I now think its had its day, not watched it for some time now
I have continued to watch in the hope it still meets old standards. Sadly it has sunk too low now
Just thinking if the acts were of high quality the show would be pay to view . I don’t watch it but Im sure it’s the acts big moment so good luck to them as we all need happiness in our lives .
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That Golden Buzzer act should now be dropped from the show. What a con
Not watched it yet, but I agree it is getting more and more dire !
As I watched it last night, I did think it was all a bit bland, and weird. I still prefer if over x-factor which I've not bothered with in a while.

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Britain's Got No Talent

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