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mallyh | 09:28 Wed 10th Apr 2019 | Media & TV
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I always watch this and casualty . mr mally said if it was true to life you would just have a programme of poorly people sitting in a&e for hours ,hardly see any doctors . wait weeks to get a referral or operation but on these progs people get taken in diagnosed and operated on in 30mins and if you're related to one of the staff even quicker x


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I arrived in the Emergency Department of Ipswich Hospital in the back of an ambulance 10 weeks ago. As soon as the ambulance crew had completed the handover procedure I was whisked into a cubicle, where diagnosis and treatment were started straight away.

Within little over an hour I'd had an ultrasound scan of my bladder done, a catheter inserted, a blood test taken, X-rays of both my upper and lower abdomen completed, two cannulas inserted, intravenous drips attached, inhaled a gas to reduce the potassium in my system, been seen by two different consultants and provided with a cup of tea and a sandwich.

I don't think that I've got any great cause to criticise their efficiency!
PS: After I wrote to the hospital to thank the Emergency Department team for what they'd done for me, I even got a letter back from a consultant, thanking me for thanking them!
It depends on urgency, to be fair. If people stopped wasting their time when they don't need urgent treatment, that would help.
It's unlikely you're watching Holby or Casualty to see how Mrs Jones knee operation goes - rather more the relationships between the staff.

I also watch medical documentaries and those are amazing, last night 'Surgeons : at the edge of life' was brilliant.
I have never waited less than 2 hours in casualty, even when there is no one in there. I think they just have a rule that no one can ever see a doctor without waiting at least 2 hours.
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I was trying ( badly obviously )to be a little light hearted x
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ps you are very lucky ^^^^ with your experiences our hospital is not so good x
I was taken into hospital last year. Taken to a reception area I never knew existed and straight to a ward. From the 111 call to me being in a bed was probably less than an hour.
And if they just filmed people sitting in waiting rooms it'll be a very boring show :-)
I watch both to Mally. What amazes me is that nobody ever appears to work their notice period, they just announce they are leaving and go.
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or they turn up for a visit and get employed on the spot lol x
They just haven't got time for the ins and outs. Same with all soaps and dramas.
Far fetched but enjoyable nonetheless. I can diagnose a tension pneumothorax at fifty paces :-))
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lol ^^^^ xx
I reckon I could stab someone in the chest with a pen and kinda know what I'm doing :-)
Yep me too ummmm - always have a bic pen handy
funny thing is i actually work on the show and we have a medical expert (ex-NHS) here to make it look real but he said to me once "wow so many doctors,nurses,porters,etc on this ward! :)
// funny thing is i actually work on the show and we have a medical expert (ex-NHS) here to make it look real//

you should have more scenes of the absolute panic of staff faced with an ill yhoung child that they havent had training for

(you know - doors splatting open and hordes all screaming in blind panic - no no I am not here ! I have an appt somewhere, not me not me!)

Chris I am not surprised that you were seen immediately you silly sausage ! the breathy stuff was ventolin. I was like tom in tom and jerry when I read your initial admission note, and wondered how you had lasted so long ....
when my neighbour was spitting blood - the triage nurse was a bit so what? but the rest of the staff reacted as one wd expect ..... ( but I did take the bloodied hankie with me)

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