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chelle7272 | 22:26 Tue 02nd Apr 2019 | Media & TV
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Yes I know it's drama, can't get a copper when you need one but on Yorkshire they don't mind driving to remote village to talk about something easily done by phone! Even if you see it as them persecuting so one, today they turned up to say we're not looking at you anymore! While I'm moaning, lol, why didn't Cain just tell Moira the truth! (I know ..for the drama ..but still...sometimes!) Looks like we're heading to another break up :(


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What do Seth Armstrong and Joe Sugden have to have to say about it all?
Ther reyt gradely.
Seth doesn't get many lines since he left this earthly sphere.
^^^^^^^I am trying not to get hooked on the Classic Emmerdale series on ITV3 otherwise I might be able to tell you
Oh no. Not the Classic Emmerdale. I’ve been taping it on my bedroom box but it is soooo staid and boring.

All they seemed to do back then was sit round a table drinking tea. Or be leaning against the bar at The Woolpack.

I’ve deleted them all. Just waiting for the plane crash.
I thought Cain did tell Moira the truth he didn't sleep with Kim.
Yes he did tell her but Kim made her believe that she had, slept with him. Soap characters are easily led. :)
yeah foo !

I was gonna say - it cant be true it has to be a drayma because they turned up ....

but I see that 6 other people were there before me
I really like Moira and Cain together, hope they don't get split up by the writers who can't bear a happy relationship. They can shove Kim in the slurry pit any time though.
Kim Tate hasn't aged well has she?
You mean Chris Tate's step-mama (played by Claire King)? Is she back in it then? She and Peter Amory (Chris Tate) have been married for over twenty years (they were married when she played his stepmother). I imagine she must be well into her fifties by now.
Yes, she's 57.
wow only ten years younger than me!
new judge they were divorced decades ago after peter amory cheated on her
not only easily led, but jump to conclusions way too readily.....
And, while we're in a critical mode, ever noticed how much of the storyline/action depend on co-incidental meetings - people turning up at just the right moment to see/hear things that are pertinent?
And, how come half of the characters are in the coffee shop at the same time....and the rest in the pub or David's "shop"?
I've said it before on AB, but it bears repeating. Just about every episode of every soap will have someone overhearing something - once you notice it, you realise how much it's relied on to move the story forward. And if it's not overhearing, it's seeing something they shouldn't.....
"new judge they were divorced decades ago after peter amory cheated on her"

I think they are just separated, derek (according to IMDb - both entries - anyway)
Then I stand corrected, derek. Thanks for the info. I'd get on to IMDb but I don't think they take any notice.

Interesting to read that Mr Amory's bit on the side was none other than Bernice Blockstack (Samantha Giles) licensee of "The Woolpack".

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