Why Does The Bbc News Deem It Necessary To Nightly Focus On One Particular Northern City?

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anotheoldgit | 10:04 Thu 14th Mar 2019 | Media & TV
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Last night it was about the difficulty on obtaining a Doctor's appointment.


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AOG, At the moment the BBC local station are running a programme called this is Bradford.It will last a week.
Are the broadcasts seen nationally or only regionally?
As far as I know they are only shown on Look North.
What are your objections?
Are you able to view the broadcasts, ANOTHEOLDGIT?
The programme may be set in Bradford this week. As far as I am aware their experience of GP practices is country wide. Very poor service .
Anne, my GP/s surgery in Bradford has 26,000 patients and 20 GP's.
Perhaps ANOTHELOLDGIT should ask the BBC to have a week of broadcasts featuring his town or city?
It's pot luck.
"What are your objections?"

My objections are that most of the content of the BBC "News" is not news at all. It is "magazine" type material that could have been produced at any time in the last three months (and probably is). News is supposed to be about things that have happened recently, or developments on earlier important items. Nothing much happens according to the BBC between noon (when I occasionally first watch the news) and 10pm (when I usually tune into it for the last time). The 10pm news might just as well be a repeat of the 6pm offering - nothing seems to happen in the evenings. Local "news" (such as mentioned here) is usually full of items like dancing classes for six year olds run by a woman of 89 and dogs playing the accordion. There might be one story of local interest at the beginning (which is often simply lifted from the national news) but that's about it. News? Nah!
NJ, not all of the BBC Regional programme is dedicated to news.
NJ, do newspapers satisfy your definition of news?
Question Author
Listening to the women who were protesting about the difficulty in obtaining a Doctor's appointment highlights the problems experienced in cities of mass immigration.

But it is not only NHS problems it is also housing and schools etc in fact the pressures on the whole infrastructure.
What other topics have featured so far this week?
I tend to get my news from the Internet these days.

The TV news can be on as background but unless something's actually happening 'there and then' or just happened, it's not for concentrating on. Similarly newspapers are for skimming/browsing these days.
Question Author

This thread is about this particular topic, not any other BBC topics.
Corby, check the link which shows some of the items broadcast.

Could it b . . . . "because it's grim opp North?"
Is it the city ? In which case I don't know but I see a lot of London centric articles in ny area, not Bradford. Or the content ? In which case, aside from serious news they pad out with local human interest pieces.

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Why Does The Bbc News Deem It Necessary To Nightly Focus On One Particular Northern City?

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