Ronnie O'sulivan's Novel.

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andy-hughes | 23:29 Tue 12th Mar 2019 | Media & TV
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I have just started reading Ronnie O'Sullivan's novel Framed - set in Soho's gangland and around a snooker club - fair enough, write what you know.

But Ronnie needs to check his memory, or get a better copy editor for his next book - his main character refers to a time when he and his younger brother pretended to be Paul Newman in The Great Escape.

Now I am no film buff by any stretch of the imagination, but I do know that Paul Newman wasn't in The Great Escape!!

Tut tut Ronnie, must do better!


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I suppose that is just one of 147 errors in the book.
Question Author
I'll let you know!
Probably getting mixed up between the Great Escape and The Hustler.
I haven't Red it myself, which I guess is a Black mark against me.

That'll be my cue to leave :P
Cheer up, jim. You're sounding Blue.
Is this all his own work, or is it in the same vein as those 'novels' by Katie Price and Naomi Campbell - ie written by somebody else?
Paul Newman got out of The Great Escape, leaving Steve McQueen in the frame.
Is it a pocket book?
Give it a rest.
And there was Andy Hughes right on cue ;-)
How many eggs did Steve Mcqueen eat in Cool Hand Luke?
Is it part of a canon?
It's set in Iraq
Reading a novel by Ronnie O'Sullivan sounds about as appealing as watching J. K. Rowling play snooker.
Bound to be a load of balls.
Just chalk it up to inexperience.
//Reading a novel by Ronnie O'Sullivan sounds about as appealing as watching J. K. Rowling play snooker./

Harry was a great Potter though. Give JK her due.
Did he write it hastily during a break?
someone should get a rocket for that mistake ...
I also tried reading it but there were so many mistakes, my eyes baized over. So i took a rest.

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