Derry Girls Series 2

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sunny-dave | 15:55 Mon 04th Mar 2019 | Film, Media & TV
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The brilliant Derry Girls is back tomorrow on C4 - just hoping it's as good as Series 1 :

I tend to watch each episode twice - the second time with the subtitles on to see what gems I missed :)


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I think it will be good 1st one was very good i'm looking forward to it but will wait until the full season is out until i binge it!
Loved the first series,
Have you tried London Irish? Written by the same writer. I forgot how much we swore!!
I binged watched the first series over the weekend, really enjoyed it.
I'm so looking forward to it, it's brilliant and they must have been on every talk show in Ireland in past few weeks - they are just as funny chatting together, Ardal O' Hanlon is in the new series, I think it's hilarious. Can't wait
Did anyone watch it yet?
Yep, series 2 looking to keep up the good start made by series 1.
Loving Sister Michael again.....and the big bowl......
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Watched (twice) yesterday evening - there is so much in there (sharp and subtle, as well as broad and rude).

A gem of a programme.
I quite enjoyed it... My favourite character is the catholic lady who runs the school :) She's absolutely jokes
Loving Derry Girls.......the nun's a hoot.

Didn't know anything about London Irish, Ummmm.....just had a look and will give it a try..x
I'm looking forward to Ackley Bridge S3 apparently it's out this year.

If you've not seen it gness then give it an eye it's a good un

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Derry Girls Series 2

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