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bobbie22 | 23:32 Sun 03rd Mar 2019 | Media & TV
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Complex, or what?


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Yes it was Bobbie, I enjoyed it though.
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I think I got the gist of it almost at the end. It was good though!
Really enjoyed it but thought there was going to be a dreadful ending for a favourite character.
Yes, I thought that as well jakep.
Pleased to hear there'll be another series next year.
It was very tense, great viewing.
It was brilliant!!! I actually shouted out, “not Dr De Bryn!”
I expected it to be the last series, once he got the keys to that lovely flat!
It did seem to be a bit rushed at the end, everything done and dusted in the last ten minutes, just after I'd said to OH There'll be another series because they can't solve all this in ten minutes!
I thought he got keys to a house? I enjoyed it and was so relieved at the outcome.
I thought it was the flat he was in through the Morse series, it was the ground floor of a house, I was always very envious of it!

"Pleased to hear there'll be another series next year."

Good to hear, but what will it be called.....Endeavour OR Morse?
I have a feeling that if they were to call the next series 'Morse', it would be the last. As it was only '69 in the last series, there may be scope for a few more yet - hopefully.
thanks Ken.
It was an extraordinary end & I’ve quite forgotten who murdered the librarian and why! More next year is good news.

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