Eammon Holmes

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jobjockey | 09:38 Mon 18th Feb 2019 | Media & TV
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What does anyone think of his new face,
or is it strictly none of our business


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Never been a fan of any aspect of him as presented on tv!
I don't look at him. If he appears on my television I change channels. Can't stand the man - nor his dopey wife.
I'm also in the 'can't stand him' camp. I don't watch anything he appears in or on but i would think his 'new face' will be the viewing public's business for as long as he chooses to stick it front and centre.
oooo not a popular chappie by the looks of things so far!!
What has happened to his face? Has he had some surgery?

Have you got a photo?
what's happened to his boat? link? pictures?
Maybe he was a poor poker player...
Whats happened to his face? What has he had done?
Since he chooses to expose it on public TV then I would assume it is our business - but I'm just not interested.
Someone I rarely watch, so had a look - this is from yesterday. Can't see any striking changes but then I am not a follower.
He has had shingles on his face.
I don't like Eammon Holmes one little bit and his face is none of my beeswax, but I do love Tcheky Karyo
'If I die, I will die well dressed!'- The Patriot :)
This is him with shingles 6 months ago, I think it settled down a while back
He may have picked them up from Roof.
I can’t see any difference in the first link to how he normally looks. I don’t watch his programmes, though.
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Always had a face like a smacked are see, and still does.
Should ask for his money back.
Looking at the IG picture I thought Brian Clough had returned...
Overrated and overpaid. Like the rest of them.
Not a fan !

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Eammon Holmes

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