Inside Europe: 10 Years Of Turmoil

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ChillDoubt | 21:59 Mon 11th Feb 2019 | Media & TV
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Just a reminder for those interested that the final part is just starting on BBC 2.


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...and later in Scotland (because of live football).
Will be doing a catch up Chill. May be of out for the day tomorrow so having an early one. If anyone looks in, and has not seen these programmes, do yourselves a favour and catch up or call them up on You Tube.
I know all these events were news headlines at the time, but to see the last 10 years condensed down and told over 3 hours, was staggering.
I know I’m a staunch leaver, but why on earth do people want to stay?
What has the EU done to benefit us?
And what a tish pit Europe has become.

I like the way it was dictated that a vote must be had when migrant quotas couldn’t be agreed, yet they let the migrants dictate where they wanted to go.
None of them wanted to go to Luxembourg, did they?
Excellent series. I have the final part recorded and will watch it sometime today hopefully.

//why on earth do people want to stay? //

I really don't know.
If anything ever presented was able to show the shady and despicable machinations of these evil toads, and their malign influence, on millions of people better than this, then I must have missed it.

" We must open the doors to prevent them coming through the windows".
I've just watched the third in the series. One word. Chilling.
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Quite right naomi.
I was quite amazed at just how fractious and fragile the whole thing is, combined with conniving and secrecy that would make Putin blush.
There were plenty looking out only for themselves(understandably to a certain degree) or making secret deals with certain comparable more powerful member states whilst remaining unaccountable to nobody.
Roll on March 29th!
Did you notice the statistic? 30 out of 200,000 were relocated in Luxembourg with 2,000,000 waiting in Turkish refugee camps , and even more in North Africa preparing to make the journey.

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Inside Europe: 10 Years Of Turmoil

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