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thesshhh | 22:20 Sun 10th Feb 2019 | Media & TV
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If that’s Steve Coogan’s Girlfriend sitting beside him, how young is she????


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Joanna Lumley - the main reason I haven't watched the Baftas - can't stand the woman.
23:37 Sun 10th Feb 2019
I don't know but doesn't Joanna Lumley look fantastic @72!
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Most of her jokes are going down like lead balloons
No it's his daughter Clare- but they have the same age difference as me and my partner lol :/
Yes, her jokes are awful!
Quite embarrassing how Joanna’s jokes are going down.
I'm not watching it but I know he red carpeted with his daughter clare so assumed it was her as she's my age, but if that's her then so what tbh?
Wow, is it time for us to indulge in Daily Mail-level prurience, or should we just admit that we really don't care, it's their business?
Calico - we cross-posted, so I can see you agree with me - who cares?
Well he is allegedly quite a party lol :)
Cloverjo - the only people who should make jokes are comedians, who know how to time and deliver a joke.

A comedian can probably get away with weak material, they are used to handling an audience hearing bad jokes, an actress has got less than no chance.

Ms. Lumley only has to be lovely, no-one requires her to be funny as well.
I agree, Andy.

I would have guessed that the lady with Steve Coogan was his daughter. She looks so like him.
I wish someone would tell Olivia Coleman, 1) you are not funny. 2) stop hogging the stage .
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I loved Olivia C’s speech and thought it very funny. I notice BBC PC has played a huge role in the proceedings
Olivia is very funny. She didn’t hog the stage.
Joanna Lumley - the main reason I haven't watched the Baftas - can't stand the woman.

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