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DarceyK123 | 12:14 Sun 10th Feb 2019 | Media & TV
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Did anyone watch this last night? Shocked at Richard Blackmans place (Vincent in Eastenders).

He had a posh car outside and fancy watches and trainers for outside 'show' but the flat was filthy, no stair carpet and woodchip on the walls, all fur coat and no knickers, im surprised he let them in to be honest.

Even Bev Callard who was on the guessing panel offered to go around with some cleaning products!


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I don’t watch it, but I guess he doesn’t have a partner and is immune to his own filth.
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Yes maybe, i was shocked though because he always looks smart and well groomed in himself.
I was quite surprised by the state of his flat, maybe it's just a place to lay his head !
Just caught up with this programme and I couldn't see the 'filth' that others have referred to. Not decorated as you might expect and weird with all those trainers up the stairs but not dirty. Incidentally, the guy is Richard Blackwood!!

I was taken aback by Beverley Callard - what has she done to her face, she looked quite odd.
It's easy to buy fake watches and trainers. Maybe he doesn't have as much money as he makes out.

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Through The Keyhole

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