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murraymints | 18:52 Fri 08th Feb 2019 | Media & TV
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well done that woman £70k ! to herself


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Fantastic! What a chase.
Question Author
well deserved

Brilliant performance, earned every penny.
Fantastic and what a lovely lady!
Fan Tastic. Her breadth of knowledge was astounding.

The biggest amount won by a single player.
Not the woman who as just gone for 5 grand then on +1?
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no Talbot
Even better as it was a head to head with that "Yorkshire Vixen".............I can't stand her.
no Talbot

no shi.... mm..............
I'm surprised Mrs Sqad hasn't pointed out that the Vixen isn't from Yorkshire Sqad.
Jenny is a Lancastrian.

Well done, Judith. You kept your nerve and won!
Where's Sunny D?
I'm presently watching it on ITV+1. Thanks, everybody...

Have you bothered to read 'everybody's' answers?
Jenny Ryan
Born Jenny Alexis Ryan
2 April 1982 (age 36)
Manchester, England
Residence Bolton, Manchester, England
How can you watch The Chase and be on AB at the same time?
I'm bilateral.
Same as I can be making a cup of coffee and be on AB at the same time...or be having a shave and be on AB at the same time or be driving and be on AB at the same time.

I'm a multi-tasking champ!
Is that the same as boss-eyed? :-)

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