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naomi24 | 09:59 Wed 06th Feb 2019 | Media & TV
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I’ve only ever seen snatches of this programme, but this morning I switched the television on to find Piers Morgan and his sidekicks interviewing three guests about the Liam Neeson racist row – and what a shambles it was. Everyone shouting at once and impossible to hear what any of them were saying. Is he always that bad at handling discussions?


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The few times I've seen him, yes.
Yes, dunno why he's even on the Roger to be honest.
Question Author
I won't be watching him again in a hurry. Dreadful!
I quite like him but I don't watch GMB. I have seen a few clips that have been posted on line.
I concede defeat. Not often you stump me.
‘on the roger’? :-)
Morning Retro
Roger mellie =telly
TTT - I do wish you would speak in English. Very confusing for us Scots. How would you like it if I posted in the Doric?
Yes naomi, he is, I don't watch BBC but mrs sqad does and she says that he has to be the centre of attraction and he constantly butts in.............a bit like me actually ;-)
It'll fall on deaf ears, Maggie.
I'm glad about the Roger Mellie (never heard of him)- I was assuming you meant Roger Hunt
He's not on BBC, Sqad.
O.K ummmm...whatever he is on.
roger mellie was the viz character who had an enormous belly ? innit
or was that someone else ?

glad to see the AB fulfilling inanity norms early today

but this thread is about Piers Moron - your answer isthere is nothing bright about him. During the Obama administration a petition was started to have him deported from the land of the free. It gathered 100,000 signatures within weeks. Poor misunderstood Piers

and finka poor free-tee - after how many years someone has said they cant understand himi .... cruelty - sheer cruelty fellow ABers - fie! or in AB - foo!

someone has asked poor hapless free-tee what would happen if they spoke in Doric ? the posters wife obviously speaks in Doric - that is the language for 'er in doors ....

ter daah ! yeah and vetuste ennemi what if he said he wrote in Attic? Gor everyone would have to go up to the left to ask him what he meant .....

and Ionic - foo! [I know what Ionic water is, someone offers hopepfuly]

( for standard ABers - Doric Attic and Ionic are all dialects of Auncient Greek. I didnt know dat one adenoidal ABer answers. well you do now)

thank you for getting down here - thousands would have given up on the first foo !

// O.K ummmm...whatever he is on.//

well he should be on xanax ! ter daah....
and ven we wouldnt hear much from him
[really getting into the screwy AB way of discussing things !]
Doric in this case is a north eastern Scots dialect, rather than the Greek one
Piers is like the little boy who keeps saying "Bum" because of the reaction it gets. He's hopelessly immature.
Yes, people are invited on to debate but PM refuses to see their point of view, talks over them and is generally aggressive.
i usually agree with most stuff he says but not this time. As for the self righteous Kevin McGuire, cant stand him.
TTT - I do wish you would speak in English. Very confusing for us Scots. How would you like it if I posted in the Doric? - well Scotts are enthusiastic users of Rhyming *** (Jam Tarts, Jambo, = Hearts for eg) anyway as for Doric "ah fair go lo'e ye tae post in doric wee lassie"
Sometimes I agree with Piers Morgan and sometimes I don't, I think he's a bit like Marmite!

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