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FoxLee2 | 00:38 Fri 01st Feb 2019 | Media & TV
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How do they film the fugitives on the run in this programme?


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Very out of breath.
There is a cameraperson 'embedded' with them - makes them kinda noticeable, don't you think! But don't get me started on this programme - it is totally unbelievable, as can be deduced from the very opening:

'For the purposes of this programme some powers of the state such as CCTV, ANPR cameras and mobile phone tracking have been replicated'

Oh yeah? Replicated how, and to what extent? Presumably the Hunters are given the information [as if[i] they had access to the above. All those lucky guesses and ground force Hunters so often nearby. And I bet you anything that it will end with one or two of those being hunted race to the helicopter/boat and just make it....
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And all the advantages are with the hunters. They are allowed to break into people's homes, demand their mobiles and access their computers. It's a very unfair 'fight'.
They are NOT fugitives on the run! They are actors playing the parts! The entire show is just 'entertainment' no more real than a series like Coronation Street or Eastenders .
The money they can win is real, though, Eddie
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They are not actors - they're real people.
Are most viewers on the side of the fugitives. I certainly am.
I like it; fairly compelling mindless drivel!

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