Azed 2433 Last One + Some Confirmations Please

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JJ109 | 06:19 Sun 27th Jan 2019 | Media & TV
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26a Jock's unshaven ? Wife turning stroppy, gutted. (5)
(hirsi ??? from hirsute?)

2d Timber tree raja, ill, planted in fringes of garden (6)
I assume this is GARJAN (an anagram/ill of raja "inside" GN (fringes of garden), but I can't find the word

17a Old military cap in eg Assam company (5)
I assume this is CHACO either named after the Chaco area and war in S. America or an alternative spelling of Shako. It parses as Cha (assam tea) + co(mpany)

Also could somebody please confirm that Grissly is an alternative spelling of gristly (macabre) and that Proul is an alternative spelling of prowl (to move stealthily)

Many thanks


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My Chambers has griesly and grisely Yes to proul
06:29 Sun 27th Jan 2019
Question Author
Sorry this one should have been in crosswords - but I never got a chance to choose the category!
2 Yes - alt sp of gurjun
17 Yes - alt sp of Shako
Question Author
Many thanks Jo!
My Chambers has griesly and grisely

Yes to proul
Question Author
Thanks Jo - it is likely to be griesly then, as that does not affect any crossers. I assume grie is an "obsolete" spelling for grey. (obviously I had "gris")
Grie is not in my Chambers, and I'm having no luck with (h)irsi :-((
Question Author
Jo - if it is not Griesly, then the other one would be _ IRS _
I still can't get it though!
Thanks for helping
Birsy (rib ) wife turning and Sy s(tropp)y gutted
Question Author
21d Macabre, old grey shifty and crafty (7)
Assuming it is not Grissly or Griesly then the remaining confirmed letters are
_ R _ _ SLY
Question Author
Thanks Shaneystar, that has now sorted it, and I am finished.
Thanks to both of you for all the help

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Azed 2433 Last One + Some Confirmations Please

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