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bobbie22 | 22:34 Mon 21st Jan 2019 | Media & TV
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just watched this, and I could not answer one question. They are so difficult


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You are not alone! Got so fed up with it that I went back to my book. It really is hard to keep interested when so many of the questions fly over my head. I don't remember it being this hard in the past or perhaps my brain is simply not up to scratch any more!!
you can ( and they do) swot you know
you can swot a dictionary - appallingly boring

Manchester had a prog on how to win - the only thing was they didnt that year

wiki years of birth - more difficult in the good old days ( no wiki)
as a lot of q begin - born in 16--

periodic table as a mediaeval historian would - who is next to what -
rather than sensible question like what happens to the alkali metals as their atomic weights go up

Jimz been on ....

the science questions are really weird as they are set by non scientists
only connect
for lateral thinking and thinking outside the box
I now look at a Pears encyclopedia and think
christ I read that once ( 1975 )

Pointless - I got more pointless prime ministers under the Georges ( yes all six) than Osman - and yes there is a list in Pears .... 1750 - 1800 - Rockingham, Greville, Portland spring to mind ....
Both are compelling progs but I can only do the wall in Only Connect plus the missing vowels round. Uni Challenge - the science questions go right over my head.
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i can hardly manage Only Connect, maybe some of the wall and the missing vowels part. I like the programme though. Tipping point and the Chase are more in my line.
Bobbie22, you can't put The Chase and Tipping Point in the same category. The Chase has at least some tricky questions; Tipping Point has things like 'How many letters are in the English alphabet?' and they don't get much tougher than that ;)

I agree about UC. It gets boring if they're way above your head. I love OC.
OH wondered why I was yelling football grounds at the TV during Only Connect. I got the battles too, Stamford Bridge is almost always a battle answer!
Love both UC and OC and can usually correctly answer about 10 questions on the former - sometimes more with a few educated guesses. However, Paxman may as well have been speaking in tongues with some of tonight's questions. Still an interesting contest, though.
Yes, Zebo. Imagine them not knowing that Turf Moor is the home of The Mighty Clarets :-))
Just watched it.

Sat on -5 for first ten minutes, then got three starters without a single bonus answer.

Back to the booze.
only connect
i watched an episode on catch up i got two correct
even the missus got one we were well impressed
I got two ten and three five points on University Challenge, sometimes I get quite a few more, depends on the subjects. Only Connect varies from week to week, I can usually work out some of the wall and I'm not bad at missing vowels. Main rounds I have been known to get answers!
I think they are given a very limited choice of subjects, possibly even a source from which to study, this why the questions are often bizarre and why the contestants know so many of the answers, just study one book, all the answers will be in there. General knowledge is probably, genuine knowledge questions, even I get some of them right occasionally.
Ratter........ How are you ? Any nearer retirement yet ?
Anne... "Ratter........ How are you ? Any nearer retirement yet ?"

Hi Anne, I bloody hope its getting nearer!! Alas, still a few more years to go. I just turned 61.
Anne, I am also very well apart from overworked making my balls that are selling faster than I can make them!! Hope you are also well!
Ha Ha; Ratter is literally working his balls off.
Delighted to hear your balls are progressing ........ Hi to cara :-)
bhg481, Indeed I am!!

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