Itv Has Disappeared On Freeview

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Tubbycoates | 19:29 Wed 09th Jan 2019 | Media & TV
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Hi all,
My missus and I live in the Yorkshire region.
We had a message to re-tune our freeview TV this afternoon. However, when we did, all ITV channels have disappeared, plus channels 4 & 5.

Is anyone else having problems ?



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Having read your question I've just re-tuned my freeview box and the channels you've mentioned are all working fine, I'm in West Yorkshire.
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OK Thanks

Retuned all our TVs yesterday, no problems. In the SE.
Those channels are transmitted on the PSB2 multiplex, which has changed its frequency.

Theoretically you need a different TV aerial for each frequency that you want to receive, so that the lengths of the elements are a perfect match for that frequency (providing optimal 'resonance'). That's clearly not possible so we all use a single aerial which will be better at 'resonating' with some frequencies than with others. Your aerial was well-matched to the old frequency used by PSB2 but not to the new one, meaning that it's not up to the job of receiving those stations which are transmitted on that multiplex.

One of these should fix the problem for you:
You'll also need one of these to go between the signal booster and your TV:
(You'll need another retune after you've installed the booster).
Song crime channel 40 has disappeared
That should be Sony
a popup advised me to retune because Sony crime channel was being updated, eveything seems ok here after a retune

Sony Crime Channel came up on mine for a retune as well.

I didn't bother, just deleted it from my favourites list.
I'm in SE returned as pop up said I should it was channel 40 but it has disappeared altogether
I have answered this question ( re Sony Crime Channel) a few days ago. Bottom line is....depending on where you live, you may have lost it permanently....this explains why.....
Oh that's a shame I liked this channel

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Itv Has Disappeared On Freeview

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