Brexit - The Uncivil War

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bednobs | 12:23 Tue 08th Jan 2019 | Media & TV
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did anyone watch this? What did you think?
I have it recorded to watch later


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Yes, I watched it.
I thought it seemed to be a pretty accurate view of how the Brexit vote was won.

Dominic Cummins can be seen explaining the whole process here:

His blog is here:

Generally speaking, the vote was won by targeting both floating voters and previously non-voters, who have social media accounts and inundating them with highly targetted adverts - around 20-50 ads per day in the last three days ahead of the vote.

These were refined using algorithms and by testing response, so that viewers liked them, re-posted them or shred them.

The key messages were:

1. £650mn for the NHS (a lie)
2. Turkey is going to send millions of people to the UK once Turkey joins the EU (a lie)

In addition the leave campaign appealed to the emotions, while the remain campaign appealed to the emotions.

Finally (in my view), the leave vote tried to switch the playing field by using the take back control slogan, that implied the ststus quo was the situation prior to joining the EU.

As a side note, the programme seems to say that the electoral process has been taken over by the analysts at one end, and the thugs at the other.

HIghly informative, but deeply depressing (in my view)

Crap and apparently inaccurate.
IJKLM . That's along post full of speculation, sour grapes and inaccuracies. The Brexit vote was won because more of the population want out than wanted to remain and voted so.
This is why there is no discussion on AB.

Talbot jumps straight in with insults based purely on prejudice and misinformation, and doesn't even seek to justify his prejudice.

This site has killed itself with such blinkered attitudes.
I didn't see it, but I thought it was strange that such a programme would be shown at the current time.
I look forward to trying it. Let’s face it Dominic Cummings was the architect of the Brexit victory: you can’t hope to understand how it was won without an insight into his methods and what better person to supply that than the man himself
IJKLM This is why there is no discussion on AB.

Talbot jumps straight in with insults

What insults would they be?
I think brexit won because of the people who are living in that country voted for this

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Brexit - The Uncivil War

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