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Sqad | 18:54 Mon 07th Jan 2019 | Media & TV
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Second competitor Steph, today.

Man or woman?


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Policewoman from Caithness must admit it was hard to tell at first until she said what she did!

She was very butch looking, bet her partner is a lady shall we say.
I missed it. Have you got a link please?
We had the same conversation. Immediate thoughts were it was a man but during the programme it became more apparent it was a woman.
How judgemental DarceyK123
Beautiful woman, 100 per cent woman, unadorned woman - not a speck of facepaint or anything else. Just a strong, attractive woman. Don't care whether her partner is another woman, a bloke, or anything else. Sort of person you'd be proud to call a friend.

"Sort of person you'd be proud to call a friend" and you can tell this by seeing her for 5 minutes on a TV show!?
She did come across as having a nice personality.

But like most Coppers not very bright.
DARCEY, did you not reach your opinion she is a lesbian based on only five minutes on tv?
Baldric //
But like most Coppers not very bright.//
Well ,if ever I had to call on the police for assistance then she would be the kind of person I would like them to send .
Baldric------We have a grandson, a nephew and also a niece all members of the police force and I can assure you that they are all above average intelligence!!
And all way above average moral sensibility, I would be certain.
Caithness? The only gay in the village.
Cleverest people in the country, the police.

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