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soliloquy | 10:13 Fri 04th Jan 2019 | Media & TV
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Last night, Emmerdale hit rock bottom. Matty's transitioning problems, Billy's difficulty in becoming accepted, Dawn's suicide attempt and Bernice suffering through having bought medication on the internet.

Goodbye Emmerdale.


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worse to come concerning Debbie..
on another level how can Chastity "tell" someone to leave the village.i agree its become quite dire
derek, it was Charity wot told Dawn to leave
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goodgoalie, Chastity told Billy to leave the village.
Thought you were referring to Dawn being 'paid' by Charity to quit the village. Hope Jessie and her family are written out soon, she's a terrible actress - poor Marlon having that lot invade his house!
It's bad at the moment isn't it? Too many "issues" they're trying to address and completely unbelievable they would all happen in a tiny village. I cannot stand Jessie, I know a mother can be blind to her offspring's faults but she is ridiculous, never her precious Billy at fault, he's innocent, other people egged him on etc. etc. Was always my favourite soap:-(
Worse is to come, Mandy Dingle is coming back...

I wish Joe Tate weren't really dead ;-(
I have a theory that Joe isn't dead ! he'll be brought back in a shock story twist ...
The only storyline I have any issue with is the Jacob and Maya grooming one. It's uncomfortable to watch.

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