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horselady | 22:06 Tue 01st Jan 2019 | Media & TV
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So is he dead?


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Just got in ...who?
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Don't want to spoil it for anyone so I hope I'm not putting my foot in it. Audrey found Lewis collapsed on the floor.
These script writers need to get a grip on reality (yea I know it's Corrie, but at least make it realistic .... ish).

She found him on the floor; never checked his pulse, etc and proceeded to argue with Gail whilst the ambulance crew were banging on the door.
If that'd been me, I'd have been on the phone asking for guidance on how to resuscitate him and I'd have been screaming down the phone, asking how long the ambulance was going to be .... and the door would have been left open ....
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Yes we said the same Gizmonster!
On catch-up...would be dead in real life.
I did wonder why she didnt give him a shake & go hysterical/ dial 999 etc!

Imagine dropping pan breid (deid) and still clutching the open engagement ring box! X
Thats the 3rd person in Soap this week who has ended up on the floor, presumed dead!

At least Lewis actually was dead and didnt make a swift recovery when no one was watching like Alfie and Mel in EE.
Definitely dead, I've seen pics of the funeral on Mail Online !
Do you think Audrey will get her money back?
Dont know about the money, people seem to accept large sums of money going adrift in Corrie, but my guess is its not Lewis who took the money, too obvious.
I think she might ellie. Can't believe they were the only savings she had though !
I took it mean she'd invested the inheritance AND her savings in the same place and the lot's gone.
When Nick asked her, but you have other savings Gran, she looked shame faced and said 'No' ...
Do you think Nick is involved?
Could be, he does need money desperately.

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