Child Genius V Celebrities.

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Georgiesmum | 00:43 Tue 25th Dec 2018 | Media & TV
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Did anyone watch this tonight? I would be interested to hear what you all thought of it., especially Mogg!


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I didn't watch it, but who is Mogg? Not Jacob Rees-Mogg or one of his relatives?
No he was one of the child genius competitors in the last series
I thought they took one helluva beating but confess to not seeing the whole thing

Over-achievers will benefit from a reality check now and then, save them from angst and burnout when the real world comes calling.

Im all for children pushing themselves but as Jimmy Carr demonstrated they take everything far too seriously and dont seem to have any fun.
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Mogg was one of the child genius's

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Child Genius V Celebrities.

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