Too Many 10S, Bring Back Len

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thesshhh | 20:15 Sat 15th Dec 2018 | Media & TV
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Remember the days when a 10 in Strictly was a rarity? Now they’re dished out like sweeties, yet these performances are not totally perfect


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10 is the new SEVEN.
20:37 Sat 15th Dec 2018
Still watching then?
Some more 10's Lynne
As they have made the final and after all these weeks of training they should all be getting 10's
10 is the new SEVEN.
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Very surprised Stacey and Faye haven’t chosen the Charleston for their final dance
For me, Stacey's Paso Doble was the dance of the series, so I'm pleased she's dancing it again.
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Anyone else think they saw Stacey flash with no nix in her last dance?
Many deserved 10's tonight imo.
She's definitely wearing Nix, pause the video at the right moment and you will see for yourself.
Looks like a flesh coloured body suit / pants or something like that to me.
Looks like a nude coloured leotard.
I personally think all the 10's were well deserved and NO, don't bring Len back !
Seeing how the voting opened after the first round of dances it didn't matter how well they danced the last two. I think most people knew who they were voting for long before the final.
There is little chance of Len Goodman coming back.

The TV companies have found - through his flop quiz show - that Len's appeal was only as a Strictly judge, and outside that format he is a rather tedious old dance man with little actual personality.

They would see bringing him back as a step backwards, that's assuming he would be interested, which is unlikely.
don't bring back Len, but get rid of Tess Daly, her comments are beyond parody.

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Too Many 10S, Bring Back Len

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