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horselady | 22:01 Thu 06th Dec 2018 | Media & TV
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Who was on the stretcher at the end of tonight's episode?


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......or James Bond as he's called in our house. Ha ha
Question Author
Thank you. Thought it was him but wasn't sure. I detest that horrible girl that's ringleader of all the mischief.
Seth Armstrong - or Jack Sugden.
yes i agree, it's the shape of her face that makes her look so irritating too
is Joe REALLLLY deid ??
or is he in a coma somewhere in a posh private nursing facility waiting for the Christmas ratings war ? ;0)
Joe Tate ?
OOOOOO....Ta Danny
yes andres
How on earth did the children get home so easily when it looked as if they had driven for miles before the crash?
And who was it hiding in the bushes?
"And who was it hiding in the bushes?"

Chris Tate and his step-mama Kim (his real-life wife, Claire King).
ellie...because in soaps, no regard is paid to distances (or time-scales). For example, this hospital that half the cast seem to spend their lives in (as patients or visitors)...just how far is it from Emmerdale village? I imagined that it must be a big general hospital (because it has departments for everything), so presumably it's in a major town or city....but characters pop in and out (and pop back again) as if it's two minutes away.
Are we taking this all too seriously, I wonder?
I realise that ginge, but surely it could be a bit more credible!
Notice how it also turns instantly from daylight to nighttime? The kids were in the car in daylight, walked away from it in a field and the next thing Daz was there then he was driving in pitch dark.
he had fallen asleep in the car for a while
Hi Minty sent you update on Jens link
Makes me wonder when anyone in Emmerdale takes a flight they use Doncaster robin hood airport.when Leeds is a dot away.(guess it could be because it's cheaper to film there )

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