Today's Fifteen To 1 .what A Stitch Up

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gollob | 17:04 Thu 06th Dec 2018 | Media & TV
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Except Elizabeth who was probably not part of the plan not one woman asked another woman a question. Even in the final Jo only asked the man the questions
Well done for getting their heads together or was it fair to do this


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I highly doubt it was deliberate.
Sisters are doin' it for themselves. :-)
"not one woman asked another woman a question"
except the one who did
I doubt very much that it was intended.
I don't watch it. Is it good?
It was better with the original host, Tilly, the miniature Dane lacks presence and authority.
I love Sandi on QI, but on 15-1 it just doesn't work.
My husband was on 15-1 some years ago. He didn't get to the later rounds so I don't know if there is usually some subterfuge going on. People do seem to pick on the weakest. Perhaps the men were particularly weak on this episode?
I was on the original version several times, and because you're introduced as "the returning winner is...." everyone knows who you are, and that you're the one to get rid of. I certainly found out what it's like to be ganged up on!
People do seem to pick on the weakest.
Indeed. Isn’t that, after all an intrinsic part of the show? Natural selection (in quizzing terms) and all that?
Agreed, Doubt, the whole idea is to get yourself to win. Apart from having good general l knowledge, the best way is to pick off the weakest first.

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Today's Fifteen To 1 .what A Stitch Up

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