Sheridan And Alison!

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Tilly2 | 10:21 Thu 06th Dec 2018 | Media & TV
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Both of my favourite actresses in one play!

Mind you, it's a Jimmy McGovern drama so I'm expecting it to be harrowing.

Sunday 9 December




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You left out the name of the play !

It is called "Care"
Looking forward to this. Should be good.
This is a must see watch for me. Looking forward to it.
Question Author
Thanks, Guilbert. That was careless of me. :-)
Really looking forward to this- just hope I can stay awake :-)
Tilly unlike you to be careless?
Question Author
I was in a hurry, Tony.
I'll not watch it. Sounds too harrowing.
i doubt very much if i will watch it, to close to home so to speak.
Question Author
I think it has a 'happy' ending, or at least a resolution to the problems. I might be wrong, though.
Wrong again Tilly?

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Sheridan And Alison!

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