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thesshhh | 22:14 Mon 03rd Dec 2018 | Media & TV
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Which celebs do you think will be Top 3 on I’m A Celebrity and, if different, who do you want to be Top 3? I’m sure Harry is lots of people’s favourite, but as it’s apparently mainly young people who vote, my Top 3 prediction is: 1. Fleur. 2. Emily. 3. Harry. I’d like it to be 1. Harry. 2. John. 3. Emily


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1. Harry. 2. Fleur. 3. John. Very difficult to decide as they all seem to be a nice crowd
Oh please not Emily . ( whoever she is ) . No mention of Anne?, In truth i find her very very irritating .
Think it's between Harry and Nick. Nick is playing a very clever game whereas Harry doesn't appear to have a game plan - just being himself.
But Anne might be a dark horse- depends on how many chase viewers watch I'm a celebrity?
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Looks to me like Anne has been praying to be voted off each time. She seems very uncomfortable in that jungle. I don’t think she’d want to last til the final. So anybody who likes her should do her a favour and get her out of there
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Emily or Fleur. If it's Emily it will do her the world of good. She's been having a tough time lately so it would give her a boost.
1. John

2. Nick

3. James
I can't recall anything James has done throughout the entire series. In what way(s) has Emily had a tough time lately?
Fleur is driving me mad. She’s so OTT.
I agree Smow.
Deelicious - 6 year relationship breakup, put her on a downer.
And everyone is going to disagree but I think Harry knows exactly what he’s doing in order to win......
I think you're right Smowball. Dont think hes in there for the money?
Harry is 13 to 8 on favourite at book makers
It’s obvious who the Producers want to win: That annoying Fleur has had so much airtime.!!
I am losing interest in this years show. I don't understand how the public can vote off some of the better contestants such as -Malique, Sair and Rita and keep John, Anne and Harry in . The voting has been so unpredictable that I wouldn't even make a guess as to the winner.
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if it’s true that mainly young people are voting, I’m surprised only young contestants have been voted off so far (apart from Noel) but I’m glad as they did nothing for me....and I’m hoping Fleur will be next

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