Matt Lucas.

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Sqad | 19:15 Fri 30th Nov 2018 | Media & TV
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The B.A advert, where Mat Lucas clears security after a commotion......the B.A girl comes up to the B.A girl Matt Lucas?


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This one?


Question Author
Ah! Mamy...that's the one.......many thanks.

If you look carefully at the woman's face and his.......they are nor too dissimilar.

Thanks again.
No...but Specsavers ad might be useful....
Question Author
LOL ^^^
I can see what you mean but definitely not him.
I was being all kind and understanding Ginge ;-)
At first glance, they do seem to be similar facially. However if you look at them facing each other - pause clip at (0.23) - their ears appear to be quite different. My guess is that Matt is not playing both characters.
Shouldn't the final line be "Thanks to your generous donation you've raised ..."

Or did they match it or something similar ?
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LOL...thanks folks....just wondered.
It's his age,
Blurb under the Ad Canary..

Watch our new TV advert featuring Matt Lucas, which celebrates the colleagues and customers who have helped us raise over £20 million in donations for Flying Start, our charity partnership with Comic Relief.
I thought it was him too. I tried to see if they were in the same shot.
Noticed that he did not complain about being stopped and searched.
Mustn't have been in the script.
poor woman to be likened to Matt Lucas...
What?? She looks nothing like him.
David Walliams must be the funny one of the two.

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Matt Lucas.

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