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bobbie22 | 21:29 Fri 23rd Nov 2018 | Media & TV
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I wonder how long the Stuart story line is going on for


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I hate him!!!

I have to admit I was on the edge of my seat when Phil came back x
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What about the poor soul under the bed tinker bell lol
Poor Keanu was in tears!!!!!!

Stuarts really annoying me however I didnt see that coming with Linda!!!!!!!!!!

Ooooooh x
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I will be so glad to see Stuart get his come - uppance
Me too xxx
It will probably drag on till Christmas.
All building up to a Christmas catastrophe. For him, one hopes.

It’s the only soap I watch!
Missed the beginning last night. How did Phil know that the Taylor (Baker) lad had been in the house?
He saw him escaping through the kitchen door, and he left a shoe behind. Stuart is really creepy, so Linda wants him to confess, that was quite obvious actually, by her looks behind his back. Yep, this will the the Christmas Special.
Thank you Samuraisan
Surely Linda is playing him along and its all an act?
She is Lankeela xz

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