Who's Danced Their Last On Strickers?

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DeeLicious | 22:13 Sat 17th Nov 2018 | Media & TV
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Strictly Spoiler alert!


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Not known yet.
Kate and Graeme in the dance-off

The judges unanimously saved Graeme
Kate is out. Graeme saved
Thanks both.

I had a feeling that Kate would be in the dance off.
I thought Lauren might have been too

i think the judges’ voting this year is strategic if you get my drift :-/
if you get my drift :-/

I do, Toorak.
I noticed tonight that when Bruno gave his mark to Stacy, he muttered "yes 33" before holding up his 9 card. Bit odd.

Anyone else think Stacy was undermarked tonight?
Yes, I do horseshoes.
not just my imagination then!
No not your imagination, horseshoes. Makes me wonder if being the opening dancer (s) is a curse sometimes.
I think they are trying to bunch them all up score-wise so it becomes more”interesting”

Notice the inverted comas :-)
Yes I do, Toorak.

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Who's Danced Their Last On Strickers?

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