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webbo3 | 09:58 Sun 11th Nov 2018 | Film, Media & TV
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I always watch this on a morning whilst getting ready for work and sometimes one of the presenters will say "Let us know what you think?".
They get replies from India and Africa, do they pay for a tv license ?


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Of course not.
The BBC World Service is "The world's largest international broadcaster".
And the world service is funded by the license fee.
I think the World Service is paid for by The Foreign Office or somesuch.
I suppose anyone in the world can access all the BBC output through the internet without paying the licence fee.
Actually, The World Service is funded by the United Kingdom's television licence fee, limited advertising and the profits of BBC Worldwide Ltd.
The BBC is mainly the only channel we can watch in English when we're abroad.

I don't care how it's funded.
what on the grounds that if it is free - it must be crap ?

you didnt really ask this question not knowing the answer did you?
Yes? - normal day on AB then
oh Nooooo, sorry ? well normal day on ....
Indeed. I suggest webbo lets them know what they think.
what surprises me
when the Beeb sort of says: yeah trump again - well we have a home - grown commentator who will tell us what is going on

is how biassed they all are ( as home grown American media commentators)

it is all: "well Trump came out fighting again - yah garda give it to the most powerful man on earth winning the election and then showing who is boss by firing his atterney-general .....
" Trump is on his back foot - having lost almost all of Congress, people are saying he is a wife beater - but looking at Eve - varnka - who wouldnt give her a clout - she cant spik Angleesh after god knows how many years. But she is lucky he hasnt grabbed her gusset - oh he has? well he is also thought to have created that Supreme court vacancy by PUSHING that old lady darn the stairs."

and never unbiassed comment

( sorry I got a bit carried away with the soliloquys)
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So the answer is NO, THEY don't pay for a license, WE do.
And the Rep of Ire also piggybacks its BBC for free. Wot a liberty.

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