Festival Of Remembrance Tonight

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Tyrion44 | 22:10 Sat 10th Nov 2018 | Film, Media & TV
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Just turned on when the bereaved families were entering the Royal Albert Hall. Is anyone able to identify the beautiful piece of music that was playing as they walked down the steps. Many thanks


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If you mean the one with the cello, it was Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah.
It was earlier than that, just after the video of the young Servicewoman's family had spoken and as the bereaved came down the steps.

Do subtitles on iPlayer not say what's playing?
Sorry Tyrion, there was no attribution to that piece.

(It preceded Sheridan Smith's performance.)
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Thanks for your replies. It is going to drive me mad now as I know the piece but the title is just out of reach in my mind. Old age doesn’t come alone.
Was it this as megfitz suggests ?.
Why not try sending an e-mail to:-

[email protected]
or you could try watching it on i player:-
I'm tired of seeing Carol Vorderman there.
Just heard that awful gospel choir sing the Lord's Prayer.Completely out of place.
Some of you are a tough audience.
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No it wasn’t Hallelujah beautiful piece of music. Thanks for the suggestion of subtitles on iplayer. I will give that a go tomorrow.
That procession of the bereaved was extremely moving...I'd like to know the piece of music also.
I also enjoyed the gospel choir.
If you find out what it is, could you please post it here...thanks.
Must say I found the procession of the bereaved moving as well and the remainder of the festival was appropriate to the occasion.The singing of the Lord's Prayer like that,no.
Tyrion, I already checked the iPlayer with subtitles - as I said earlier there is no attribution.

It is at 21.03 :)
Just looked back and it was definitely Hallelujah.
Was it Leonard Cohen or someone else's version, Netty ?.
I have just seen a clip on the News and I concur with Netty7 - it was Hallelujah.

Here is one version:-

It was an instrumental version by a brilliant cellist, think he was young musician of the year.

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Festival Of Remembrance Tonight

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