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anotheoldgit | 15:46 Fri 09th Nov 2018 | Film, Media & TV
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Did you watch Emmerdale last night,if you did what did you think of the ridicules male strip show preformed by some members of the cast?

Would it have been allowed if it had been a female strip show with the male clients of The Woolsack pawing the strippers, not to mention the scene where Laurel pushes Bob to the floor, that certainly wouldn't have been allowed the other way round.


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well they get away with lots on soaps, can't watch them to be honest, too unrealistic for my tastes.
Last night was total rubbish.
and did you notice that chas put a bag of household rubbish in the "green" bin, that's for garden waste.... love spotting these things :)
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Oh so that's where Paddy ended up then?
Not as ridiculous as a jumbo jet landing on the village and wiping out half the cast, allowing the producers to completely re-invent the programme (for the worse).
The programme has been getting ridiculous for some time now.
derek our green bin is for paper and cardboard we have a brown bin for garden waste, which we have to pay for now!
....and we have brown for garden waste, too....and ALL recycling goes into green....along with all the rubbish soap storylines!
I live in Yorkshire and the household rubbish goes in the green bin, recycled in the blue bin and garden waste in the brown bin. I didn't see the programme but it sounds correct to me.
Well here we have a black bin for refuse... green for garden and blue for recycling paper etc is nothing standardized now a days
Our garden waste bin is brown, household waste (uncyclable) bin is green and we have a trolley of 3 stacked blue boxes - top one paper and cardboard, middle plastic cartons, plastic bottles, tins and cans, and bottom one for glass bottles and jars. Oh, and a small brown caddy for daily food waste! And we pay £33 for collection of garden waste.
^^^ sorry AOG, yes the strip show was rubbish!
What's worse than Emmerdale?
Emmerdale with naked people :/
I think they've had strippers in The Woolpack before. Didn't Rhona attend, and the ghastly controlling Pierce made her life a misery because of her going?
It was deliberately contrived so that drama queen Laurel could make an entrance and attract attention to herself.
Brown bins for garden, black for recycle and green for waste - yet at work 7 miles away the black and green are reversed! Thought the strippers were hilarious.

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