Richard Madden, Next James Bond?

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ToraToraTora | 20:10 Sun 14th Oct 2018 | Media & TV
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Ouch, nasty shock, thought for a moment you said Richard Madeley!!!!
So did I. That said, not particularly.
....and me! Lol..
Well at least I've heard of Richard Madeley.
He'd be great. I know a lot of women who'd be very pleased and excited!
very pleased and excited!

Ohhhhhhh !
I think it's time for a female Bond......

And there's nothing wrong with short people.......perhaps a short, female, red haired Irish Bond........ ;-)
Well he certainly fits the profile of James Bond.
Ex Royal Navy Commander and worked in Naval Intelligence,
That was Ian Fleming btw who's only similrity to Idris was that Ian Fleming retired to the Carribean I believe. Not sure if Commander Bond aka Ian Fleming also had Scottish routes somewhere along the line,
.......perhaps a short, female, red haired Irish Bond........ ;-)

Oh gawd no ( trigger happy springs to mind ) ;-)
Question Author
gness, Barbara Broccoli Has ruled out a female bond forever.
Richard would be a fine choice for the role.
Nope. No real Scottish background except his first screen actor.
"You can't be sherioush Mish Moneypenny.

To be Bond don't you have to be below pensionable age?
Tony....I have a new power tool.....a battery operated chain saw! Like me it's little and powerful......I have been trigger happy in the garden this weekend.....bliss!

I know, TTT and I don't blame her......wouldn't be the same but I can dream..... :-)
Go away, Baldric!..... ;-)

Gosh Gness, I hadn't seen you there ;o)
Poppycock!!! ;-)

I was thinking RM must be pensionable by now, honest.
Richard Holt Madeley (born 13 May 1956) i
You need to stop now, Baldric or we'll be buddies by the end of this thread.... ;-)

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Richard Madden, Next James Bond?

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