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xstitcher | 11:24 Sun 14th Oct 2018 | Media & TV
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Is there anyone who can remember a telly series sent at least 25 years ago that was about a contagion killing everybody in its path.....not 'On the Beach'......the contagion was possibly radioactive....not sure. It showed the total breakdown in society...very scary. I don’t know which programme it was on.


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Edge of Darkness?
Question Author
It might well have been Survivors although I don’t recognise any of the characters. The one I do remember was a very scruffy looking fellow who was always up to no good.
Question Author
No to Doom Watch but thanks for all answers.
Was it a Britusj show or set elsewhere? There was another Survivors, think it was more recent though, I remember some scenes shot in Manchester.
British, sorry, bumpy bus!! Just found it, too recent as started in 2008.

Doesn't quite fit the bill but might nudge someone in the correct direction....
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Ha ha eve....loved your bumpy British and yes it was.
I thought of Survivors too. Could have been 'Threads' which was a docudrama about Russia dropping a nuclear missile on Sheffield (ostensibly to take out RAF Finningley near Doncaster), though central character in that was a pregnant young woman.
? Cordon - nederlands series ( corrrrdaaawn )
remade for the american market as - - - Cordon

which kinda didnt gel as no one had guns and yeah it was set in America.....

or it was called containment
There are some clips about on Youtube for the original Survivors if this rings a bell.

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Thanks for taking the trouble Eve but alas no bells are ringing.

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