Tim And Pru Are Sailing The Nile

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naomi24 | 19:04 Thu 11th Oct 2018 | Media & TV
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Just information for those interested, this lovely couple are at it again ... escorted this time.


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Is he going to crash the boat as usual?
I watched that the other night. It was lovely...and bittersweet as her mental health is quite frail. He's obviously quite protective of her
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Hopkirk, he isn't in the driving seat this time. They're on a boat with a crew.
Good prog
and I can recommend the cruise they did - Luxor to Aswan
( going again in Nov)

they went by Dhahabbiyah ( private yachty thing with sails )
Plendy plendy moolah needed for that ( £2500 per d)

Quite a lot on Pru's dementia and then a bit of shakespeare by heart - which isnt really a feature of alzheimers ....

zillions of unused boats moored along the way -capacity running at 10-30%
I would have liked to have seen more of that boat especially the living quarters, bathroom facilities and the food.
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hc, I might be wrong but I got the impression they weren't sleeping on it. They certainly checked into a hotel at one point.
Cataract Hotel at Aswan I think
used to be a presidential palace and then the Kings Summer Palace
but was open in the 1970s

( as was the Aga Khan's Tomb - times change )

honestly it is a good place to go to (perhaps not Hurgardy)

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Tim And Pru Are Sailing The Nile

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